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Every Dr involved with my husbands chemo said they don’t see a surgery in the future. He is having chemo. When I said radiation after chemo I’m met with a stoic face. He has chemo til the end of July. Then a ct scan.
Just hoping here.

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Hi @anto1nette, I moved your post to this existing discussion with other members for whom surgery was not an operation as a treatment for their pancreatic cancer. It sounds like you’re not getting the information in the way that you need it from your husband’s care team. Have you considered meeting with an oncology social worker?

Here’s a blog written by the oncology social work team at Mayo Clinic. They describe best
– How an Oncology Social Worker Can Help https://connect.mayoclinic.org/blog/cancer-education-center/newsfeed-post/how-an-oncology-social-worker-can-help/

Among other things, a social work can answer questions as well as help you interpret your husband’s diagnosis, treatment options, and how to prepare for what is to come and what you can expect. As the article states, they can be a vital bridge between you and your medical team.

@anto1nette You don't mention where your husband is receiving treatment or if you have gotten a second opinion. Pancreatic surgery is highly specialized and if the doctors you've seen aren't extremely experienced with pancreatic surgery they might not see a surgical path possible. Other specialists might be more optimistic and surgery might become more viable after completing chemo. Many pancreatic patients receive chemo in order to improve enough for surgery. Good luck.