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Here is the link to the Medicare website on ACOs, although it could change over time. This is an issue I will personally follow and write to my representatives in Congress.

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Hi janet23. Yes, tell your representatives in Congress!!! I started this thread because I became aware of the planned changes to Medicare through an article on an investment site. I also got a letter from my "previous" primary care provider telling me that she is part of an ACO and I "still have the right to self-refer to any doctor I wish".
In researching I found that Medicare will be transitioning all Original Medicare to ACOs over the coming years, because Medicare is changing how they pay – they will pay "by the head" and not "by fee-for-service".
QUESTION: Once the transition is complete to ACO with new payment structure (payment by head count), if you go outside the ACO for expertise who will pay them???? To me it seems that to maximize profits, the clinic has the interest to acquire as many patients as possible despite lacking sufficient number of doctors and expertise to meet patient needs. They will not want you to go outside their network of doctors and hospitals.

I need Mayo because I have a complex lung cancer, something Mayo is studying. Mayo's immediate diagnosis and prompt solution saved me a lot of grief and pain. My local clinic lacks expertise and solutions, but I could self-refer because I had original Medicare