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Hi! I am April from the Ozarks of AR. I am married and retired.
I had my gastric bypass in 2005. My highest weight was 275, my lowest 105 and I am at 142 right now. I initially lost down to 125 and maintained there several years before my first 30 lb regain. When lost the 30 lbs I just kept going and lost another 20. I have regained a couple more times, no more than 30 and always lost it. This last time, I have not yet lost it and it has been 2 years now. Pandemic pounds. I just find it very hard now, at age 61 to lose the weight and stay motivated and with a bunch of joint issues, I am no longer able to walk the 3 miles a day that always helped me before.

No complications from the surgery other than in recent years I keep getting anemic due to malabsorption and having to get iron infusions regularly and sometimes blood transfusions. I have been told the older I get the worse this will get.

Blessings to all.

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I also need annual iron infusions after resection from adhesions.( and removal if ileocecal valve) From RNY