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heart issues

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@denise81 Good morning Denise My triple bypass is 23 yrs old I take herbs and homeopathic meds but when it comes to the heart Listen to your Dr. I have a very high cholesterol my liver makes to much so I take rosovastatin but lhave been on fish oil for a long time plus COQ10 But if you need any heart surgery Please listen to your Cardiologist.

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lioness❤️❤️❤️, luv this. thank you for your kindness and your reply. so if you knew me it is my tendency to go as far away from medical doctors but i felt like i needed to take your wisdom very seriously. i got 2 stents because of 90% blockage. but before that even happened i was told i needed an aortic valve replacement. the crazy thing is they decided to hold off from the valve surgery after telling me i needed it right away. i thinking this is crazy. why would they do that so i talked them into doing a heart cath my idea mind you and that is when they found the blockage. i was not going to take the statin but i feel i must for at least a period of time. i am praying i won’t have to take it forever. i am 69. the really crazy part is i have high blood pressure i did great on my treadmill test. it just doesn’t make much sense to me. i have to thank the good Lord for protecting me from a heart attack or stroke. i have been taking healthy supplement hiking biking and walking for many years. it’s crazy. i have however had a heart murmur since childhood.