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Dear harley22,
It's been almost 3 years since you posted that you were starting IVIG therapy for CIDP. I would really appreciate hearing about any experience you had with IVIG and if it was effective in relieving the symptoms f CIDP.
I hope you are doing well.


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Hi Cathy @catharbert, I'm not sure @harley22 is still following Connect but @gratefulone may have some experience to share on the IVIG therapy for CIDP.

Hi @catharbert, I see you’ve reached out to @harley22 this morning. I wanted to make sure they get a notice that you’ve responded to their message by including the full @name . It’s an old post so hopefully this will bring them back into the conversation so you can find out if the IVIG infusions worked. ☺️

Are you considering IVIG treatment?

hello Cathy,

I saw your note regarding IgG therapy for CIDP and I started IgG therapy for CIDP about 8 months ago. I do have to say I have seen a difference in pain levels, motor response and general wellness. But I also started immunosuppression medication as well, so it is difficult to determine if my response was to IgG or the immunosuppression drugs or the combination of all therapies. I also go to physical therapy twice a week and I have seen great improvement in motor response. I have also attempted to improve my diet and try to avoid carbs and especially sugars. When I manage to eat healthy I feel much better in general, but this can be a challenge. I hope some of this information helps you to manage your CIDP as well. Please keep in touch.

I’m sorry to say that the IVIG infusions did not work for me.
My latest neurologist felt if it wasn’t doing anything for me,we should stop.
Come August when I see him again, we will discuss options if any.
Right now my right hand has become affected with numbness and tingling, which affects my holding things at times.
Can’t put mascara or makeup on with that hand, also I’m having trouble holding a pen and writing.
I used to pride myself with how nicely I wrote, but not anymore.
My husband has to fill out paperwork for me t the doctors offices,etc,because I can’t.
The whole thing stinks but I keep going, hoping I don’t get worse in the years to come.
Good luck to you, keep me posted!