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The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

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Thanks Mary for your reply.
I watch TV with Volume 20+ and still unable to catch the speech where as my wife only used Volume 8. With my volumes, other sounds got amplified. With my HA's noise filter, it helps reduce the noise but still not to my satisfaction. I rate it 70% or less satisfactory.

I really like to talk to someone who have positive view on HA.

My first HA was Siemens and I paid $1500 out of pocket in 2015, then I had the second Signia also by the same company and paid $2,000 out of pocket. Then I bought the best one – Resound HA from Costco for $2,600 as I felt I had to pay the same price if I went with the company my insurance assigned as they marked up the price.

I believe there are 2 things needed to get a satisfactory HA to perform up to your satisfaction and there are inter-related. A decent HA is one: the unit should be able to automatically set your HA best on your HA testing data. That would require a very competent audiologist or the money paid will be wasted. And it is the hardest to find one.

After my first HA failed me, I thought I should get one audiologist who also wore a HA would solve the problem. I was wrong. The fact is: Remember when you have a hearing test, the audiologist would ask you to to repeat a word or a short phase. Imagine when I heard and said correctly but she heard what I said incorrectly. That was the problem.

Did you live in Los Angeles? If so, I would like to see your audiologist!

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@ksly008 Have you ever participated in an HLAA event? There are chapters in the LA area that are active and full of information. Chapters of the Hearing Loss Assn. of America, Inc. share information and experiences, including that about providers as well as about products. HLAA doesn't endorse either, but its members have a lot of information to share.

HLAA chapter meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about how to live well with hearing loss. Check out the information at http://www.hearingloss.org HLAA holds conferences and conventions and is also a resource for a lot of podcasts on every topic imaginable when it comes to technology, research and personal experiences.

For some reason, probably because so many people refuse to talk about hearing loss, HLAA, which is a consumer based organization, is too much of a 'best kept secret'. It should not be. Are you familiar with this organization?


I live in Florida …west coast…Tampa Bay Area. Everyone wants my Audi and I have referred people to her.

FL Mary