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The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

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I am using my 3rd Hearing Aids which cost me $2,600. I am still not happen with it not to say the other two. Buying a new one is a waste of money.

BTW, I have yet to hear from anyone who is 85% happy with what he or she got!
Please reply if you are.

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Read my post about the BiCros aids I am wearing (actually a receiver and an aid). I am happy with my current devices. They have been reprogrammed and tweaked many times along with trialing the best molds for my bilateral profound hearing loss.

I don’t know if you have explained to your audiologist why they don’t work for you or have had any adjustments done. You don’t normally just purchase them and go without some sort of tweaking. Two people with the exact same audiogram will need entirely different adjustments .

You need to explain to the Audi as precisely as you can what the problem is, what kind of sounds you are hearing or not hearing, what situations they work well in and where they don’t. It might be that another brand is better suited for you. I tried Oticons recently and knew where they failed compared to my Phonaks and where they shined. I think our brains become use to one brand so I always good back to the Phonaks.

My Audi is an exceptionally good and patient programmer. That is so important.

My thoughts from a 40 plus user of hearing aids….

FL Mary