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How long does this last? I’m 61. I started having issues with pain in May of 2021 after Covid vaccines. I could hardly walk 1/2022. I can’t take Prednisone due to severe depression with it. I am Soooo over this!!!!!

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Hi @kimmur, Welcome to Connect. I think you feel the same way about PMR as most of us, we are all ready to be over it as soon as it starts...it's the pits. You will notice that we have moved your post to an existing discussion on the same topic where you can meet other members who have shared their experience with PMR.

I've had 2 occurrences of PMR. The first one lasted 3 and half years before I was able to taper off of prednisone and the second one lasted about a year and half which kind of falls in line with what I've read.

"PMR may last from one to five years; however, it varies from person to person. Approximately 15 percent of people with PMR develop a potentially dangerous condition called giant cell arteritis." --- Polymyalgia Rheumatica - Arthritis Foundation: https://www.arthritis.org/diseases/polymyalgia-rheumatica

Have you discussed any possible alternatives for prednisone with your rheumatologist or doctor?

Each individual is different, and at different stages of physical and physiological response. at 78 I'm experiencing my 3rd round of PMR, the 1st time without Prednisone, and took nutracueticals with support from my naturopath. lasted around 2 yrs. the 2nd time, 10 years later; this time I had to go on Prednisone due to potential GCA - about 2 years until weaned off. 3rd time, again 10 years later, went onto prednisone immediately, with excellent results and no side affects, its now about 15 months and I have been weaning off very conservatively. and at 5 mg I decreased 1 mg per month, then at 3 mg decreased by 1/2 mg per month. You've probably read this many times from this amazing group, but your body really will let you know what it needs. Sometimes "timetables" don't match our health journey; sometimes you may find that you need to stay on a certain dosage for longer until you start to decrease again. Or, in some cases, you find the sweet spot at say 2 or 3 mg and stay on that indefinitely. My challenge was not getting caught up in other peoples "shoulds" - Quality of Life is the goal for many of us.... May I ask if you are getting some support counselling around this? Please know you are not alone in this...this is an amazing group of compassionate people who are experiencing this condition. Keep reaching out.

My depression went away as soon as I started taking prednisone. That is because my pain was mostly taken away. I also could do the activities that I used to do and enjoy living. Prednisone has its downsize but makes me feel so much better emotionally and physically. It is worth it.