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@gingerw Hello…my first inclination is to reply, "Fine. And you?"
It's taken me years to "get" that the asker of "How are you?" usually doesn't expect a dissertation. In this case, I believe your question is sincere. I guess I'm going to do some gnatting. You can Swat away at me…lol…because today I'm not going anywhere.
I was a wreck. I woke up to the trolls invading my territory. (This is where someone who doesn't know me might conclude that I'm delusional…smh–figurative language has gotten me into trouble. So has sarcasm–another story.))
I was distressed because I've been giving them this power over me. Why?
I responded to @acoblin and the mantra suggestions..
My therapist called for our appointment. I had already sent her screenshots of the posts. I wanted to offer her a timeline. I wanted her to be objective:
•the original post on the police department's Facebook group–a police report of a fatality, one driver, one motorcycle, one tree
•my question regarding a longitudinal study "Suicide by Tree"
•subsequent negative comments

We talked about cyber stalking because of the immediacy of their attack.
My therapist and I talked about mantras. For years, mine have been, "This too shall pass" & "To thine ownself be true." [the word predictor: owns elf…I see the humor.]

Bottom line, no dissertation. I'm better. We talked about my initial instinct of being wary when I met them. I didn't want to be subjective.
We talked about good vs evil.
We talked about kindred spirits.
I received positive affirmation regarding my projects.
In a short period of time, we discussed quite a bit. She was curious about Mayo Clinic Connect. I managed to squeak in a brief tutorial. As I was reading her my "discussion starters," I noticed 2 things:
• 7/11 will be my one year anniversary with Mayo…paper, right?
• I saw gaps in time, up to 3 months of inactivity

We closed emphasizing the importance of kindred spirits.

This was followed by a phone call from "My favorite daughter-in-law."
She says: "I'm her only daughter-in-law " and then
I say: "Yes, you are. Can you imagine if you weren't my favorite?" Bahhh-rum-pahhh…..
And then I checked my email.
Ginger, I'm feeling better. Thank you for asking. ☮️
Kindred spirits.

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Replies to "@gingerw Hello...my first inclination is to reply, "Fine. And you?" It's taken me years to "get"..."

@audriana Shirley, waking to trolls can be off-putting, no doubt. Trolls come in many forms, too, don't they? Kinda like a chameleon or shapeshifter, often blending in to the scenery enough to make you doubt yourself if you are really seeing them.

Getting balanced with your appointment with therapy can be a challenge, but it sounds like you rose to the occasion, and bloomed [okay, bad puns but you understand my drift]. And kudos for you to talk about Mayo Clinic Connect to your therapist! It costs nothing to take a look at our forum here. Which always makes me wonder: just how many do read our posts, never join in commenting, but find it all makes a difference in their life?

Thank you for seeing that I am nothing but sincere when asking how you, or anyone else, is doing. I like to think that being present here helps so many of us, whether we know it or not.
Kindred spirits, indeed.

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