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""Let go of what was.
Accept what is.
Have hope in what will be."

"Let go of what was.
Accept what is.
Have hope in what will be."

I'm working on reframing my brain. My doctor told me, using those magic words: "Research indicates…" the brain is actually capable of healing itself."
These bullies have been infecting my brain for months. For years, because if it wasn't these two, there would be someone else.
As I was repeating the mantra you shared, a thought popped into my head:
I'm a good person.
I'm a kind, calm, gentle person.
(I gave my granddaughters that mantra when they were young.)

These trolls have deprived themselves of my friendship and trust.
Their hatred is eating away at my brain–my joy.
Just like an infection, or worse yet–a malignancy, I have to be proactive.
I was diagnosed with cancer in 2006.
I'm a survivor!

I've got to do something therapeutic to get these women out of my head.

I need to eradicate the ANTs…Automatic Negative Thoughts.

"You're stronger than you think and more loved than you know."

If I get out of my head for even a second, I'm a winner!

I'm a warrior!

If you have a mantra for a clean, serene brain, I'd appreciate it.
Or troll disinfectant.., lol…let me know.

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@audriana Shirley, the image of a troll disinfectant made me giggle just now! My mind was seeing a dustpan and broom.

Something that will come into my brain in times of stress and anxiety is, "Just breathe. And one more time. And one more time… One breath at a time, one step at a time". Not sure if this would benefit you, but there it is!

How are you doing today?

Hi, Shirley,

Thoughts are just thoughts. They're not who we are. To eradicate ANTs (don't lose your sense of humor), I've learned to write them down on paper then tearing them up. This helped me to release them, to become separate from them.

As for a mantra for your brain, I don't have one. As I suggested before, you may try creating your own such as "I am not my thoughts. I'm more than my thoughts."

I incorporate deep breathing with my mantras (or any phrase of gratitude, self affirmation, prayer….) I deep breathe for 3 seconds through my nose, pause, then breathe out through my mouth for at least 7 seconds while I say the mantra slowly in my head. I repeat this for at least 6 or 7 times. I do this daily when I wake up and when I go to bed. It helps me start and end my day in a positive way.

Hope this is helpful.

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