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The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

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Yes I have asked my ear specialist about a cochlear implant and I am not a good candidate as I have an inner ear disease called cholesteatoma but I have in both ears and coming up July 4 I’m going for the fourth surgery on my left ear to repair the damage that this disease does & he’s got a little trick up his sleeve I don’t remember the exact words but if it works he may actually be able to bring a little bit of hearing back into the ear and another kind lady on here was talking about a Cros receiver which I’ve never heard of and I’m going to ask him about that And see if it is something that would work for my left ear which has very minimal hearing.
Thank you so much for your kind words and support I appreciate them!

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@charlene1961 You are very welcome. I hope your surgery goes well. I'd also like to 'second' the suggestion to look into a bi-cross hearing aid system that will bring sound from your poorer side to the better ear.

Prior to 1988 when the National Institutes of Health established the National Institute on Deafness & Communication Disorders (NIDCD) within, very little research was done on hearing issues. Consequently researchers have been playing catch up in this field. We can be thankful that so much research is taking place now. It will get even better in time.

Let us know what your ENT specialist says about bi-cross hearing aids.