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Julie, Volunteer Mentor (@julieo4)

The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

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You are a font of information and wonderful suggestions. I always get excited when someone acknowledges or understands my hearing loss after I have explained things to them. I get even more joy when they remember what to do and not do next time I see them. I truly believe that all the personal advocating I have done over the years has paid off , not only in helping me but in making others more aware and sort of passing it on.
As stated before, most people are kind and “get it” but there will always be the “jerk”…sorry no other word comes to mind. If you can accept yourself and you have done all you can do to make things better than worry no more. It is what it is is my motto. But of course, like you, I have had years to come to this way of thinking.

People today who are new to hearing loss have so many resources that we didn’t have eons ago.

Someone mentioned the gym…the least favorable place for hearing loss. When there is music it is genuinely loud and I turn down my aid. Honestly the gym rats (I am more of a gym mouse) will all be like me in a few years. I don’t understand the intensity of the volume but, as someone mentioned, maybe they already have a loss and it’s not loud to them. Don’t think that will change.

Enough said for tonight. I’m unplugging and watching my good old captions on Netflix. Oh,
by the way, my door is always open and I live across the breezeway from family. When my aids are out I stick a note up on the front door saying “Not wearing hearing aids…Don’t scare the C… out of me.” They usually flick my kitchen light on and off when they come in. So funny.

FL Mary

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Love your comments! We have to remember that our hearing loss is invisible to others. If we have to remind them often, that's OK. It's a reality.

Another reality: No one truly understands how hearing loss affects us unless/until they experience it themselves.

It's very easy for our hearing friends and family members to forget we are not 'normal'. (Or should I be politically correct and say 'typical'! 🙂


That is odd that you have issues with music being loud in a gym. Every gym I have been to has the music low. Most people play their own music with headphones on. I do that too. I unless you are talking about a gym class where they do play the music louder but it isn’t as loud as if I went to a dance club. That’s where the music is the loudest for me.