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The Emotional Side of Hearing Loss

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First I am glad you do not feel that you have to apologize for not hearing well…your hearing loss is not your fault. Most people are kind and want to help but this is a two way street. Tell them how they can help you but also realize that they will forget to do that in the back and forth conversations and suggest a more appropriate place to talk or some other strategy. And remember there will always be venues where nothing will help except maybe some phone apps.

I have hearing loss in both ears…my left ear is almost nil and I used to wear a hearing aid more for awareness than anything else. My right ear is a lot better.
Recently I have been wearing a Cros receiver in my left ear. I am amazed at the difference. The receiver is not a hearing aid but takes all the sound from the left left and wirelessly transfers to the right ear. So now I have 2 half good ears instead of one bad and one half good. There are also Cros receivers for single sided deafness. I wear Phonaks and my Audi paired a Cros with my current Phonak aid. Goggle what the Cros receivers are all about and tell your Audi you want to trial one. I am planning to buy this when my new mold comes in.
I wear a behind the ear aid and need a snug fitting mold. So I would say between the proper mold and the Cros receiver my understanding and awareness has increased so much.

Ask any questions…don’t know if I have explained myself coherently.

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Thank you so much for your reply and your kind words and your advice I appreciate them very much. I do wear a hearing aid on my right ear and it’s one that sits behind the ear because the kind that right into the ear do not have the frequency that I need but I have never heard of these Cros receivers & I will definitely ask my ear specialist about this. My hearing loss comes from an inner ear disease called cholesteatoma that started when I was around four years old and wasn’t properly diagnosed till I was 10 and I have it in both ears and coming up July 4 I’m actually getting a surgery done on the left ear to repair some more damage that the cholesteatoma has done and once I’m recovered from this I’m definitely going to ask him about this Cros receiver.
When I was still working one thing I always did was make my coworkers aware that I had a hearing disability and that they spoke to me and I didn’t respond to chat me on the shoulder as I was not ignoring them I just probably wasn’t hearing them.
Thank you again