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My daughter is slowly dying

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I am very sorry and my heart aches for you and her .
Did you try Mayo Clinic they are known to be the best .
I have gastroparesis and I am taking Domperidona Molitium that comes from Brazil they don’t have here in US only New Zeland , here they have a very powerful med for his if I am not mistaken is Reglan works very fast but have lots of side effects.
I will add her to my prayer list that I have every morning .
Please let me know how I can help I have some Domperidona coming and more from Brazil so I could send some to her to try there is no side effects, my 95 years old mother takes everyday before lunch , my son and myself too because we all have the same problem.
Feel free to contact me.

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@lucismith how do you get the medication from Brazil ? My friend has severe GP as well not MS though . Can you give the info on how to go about getting some to try ? Also why isn’t it sold here ( not approved by FDA )?? Thanks for info . Praying 🙏 this person’s daughter gets the help she needs soon !