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Thanks again!

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@audriana Shirley, when we reach out in our posts here, we never know who may be reading. As you have seen this time, and times before, our words inspire, support, and leave people nodding their heads in agreement. It is so good to see others respond. Being able to share without judgement, and know that we can make a difference, well, for me it means so much.

These little nuggets of wisdom and experience that we get to leave for fellow members to peruse can mean so much. On this forum, we don't have a clue of a person's mood or their immediate situation when they open a post. I bet many of us read, then come back after thinking about it all, after seeing how similar it is to where we may be at that moment.

Yeah! for all of us who share, or read without sharing, or strive to make a difference not only in our personal lives, but in others as well.

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