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Thank you. @acoblin I'm so happy you shared.

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Good morning @acoblin Yesterday was the first time in ages that I participated in something spontaneous without having to talk myself into "having fun."
My daughter in law and my son called us last night to come over and see something.
Even though we share a property line and access our yards through a gate, too many times the journey has been too long.
Anyway, they had a father's day gift for my husband and they wanted us to see my son's new man cave.
One thing led to another and the anticipated 3 minute obligatory visit turned into 3 hours. My son had a computer generated sound system with the music videos magically appearing on a wall size screen. One song led to another. My husband and I went down a musical memory lane. My son referred to some of the songs as "backseat music." He explained that when we travelled, my daughter and he would hear 700 miles worth of their parents' favorite casettes and CDs.
I felt so good. That's difficult for me to say. My cousin always teases me about not having enough of the "f" word–FUN!.
So yesterday, I felt good, I had fun, and when I went home I read your comments regarding the lilies of the field. Your response was so poignant and added joy to the mix with your mantras: "You're stronger than you think and You're more loved than you know."
Your generosity of time and talent (TNT)… You're gift you gave me is invaluable. "Inspiration" and "Affirmation," are 2 "medications" you won't find in any formulary.
Keep in mind three's a charm, so once again thank you.
And @gingerw @hopeful33250, thanks for the introduction and your kind Awareness.