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Getting off of suboxone

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@mskay I totally understand. I'm not going to lie, it's horrible. Only the rich have real options, like rapid detox or accelerated neuroregeneration.

Rapid detox, or inducing withdrawal, I have unofficial experience. If I could have afforded to do it the proper way I really feel it would have worked. Or if my only option for sedation wasn't Xanax, ketamine would have been far superior for numerous reasons, because at the end I may have had more clarity to know the physical withdrawals were totally over and what I was experiencing was actually just super depleted neurotransmitters.

Read these:

Wow. It wouldn't let me post links to PubMed articles! Goto nih.gov and search rapid detox. Read the papers.

I used narcan nasal spray, 4-8/day. Pushed Gatorade to urinate, water to keep blood balanced. The more you pee during the narcan [lasts about 10-12hrs, peaks at about 4] the more NORbuprenorphine you pee out, the faster it's over. Research NORbup. It's very painful. I used many sedatives. High dose Xanax, Gabapentin, hydroxyzine. It felt like there was liquid ice shards in my spinal fluid. It became super blissful. Weird right? If you do this, talk with your doctor for naloxone and sedatives. I took naltrexone twice and I'll never ever ever do it again.

Right now I'm just tapering. Having the strength to deal with the withdrawal is not the same as having the mental strength to deal with what happens after. I got back up to 1/3 to 1/2 3x/day. 4 times Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds later and suddenly I just felt the need to try again. I started by taking 1/4 twice a day and that quickly turned into 1/4 once a day, 3x lucy. The key is not to give up. This is what you've been training for your entire life. In the next few days I'll go down to 1/6th per day for 7-10 days then an 1/8th then 1/16th then 1/32nd. These lower doses get harder.

To be honest, the medical establishment is corrupt and you won't find any help there so abandon all hope ye who enter.

The war on drugs is a war on consciousness.

To anyone in the medical establishment who cares to make a difference: the best treatment for NORbuprenorphine dependency administered as buprenorphine would be opium tea straight from Gaia but in my experience most doctors don't want to do the right thing. They want to follow orders. I've heard that somewhere before. Anyways, the best alternative would be codeine for 40 days and then taper. If you want to know why maybe I can get around to giving you an explanation and dosage opinion.

I'll put it this way... I'm ready to go to jail to get off this. I can easily narcan myself. SAOs, short acting opioids, would be so much easier to detox from. LAO are poison in my opinion. The fact that these people won't even let us try, like they think they own the world that God put us on, is very telling. Who died and made the state a diety? Oh snap, that wasn't supposed to be a legit question but we all know who died for that. And even though there is literature on the conversion from BUP to SAOs, and even guidelines, good luck finding a doctor that isn't in a state of fear if he understands or isn't in a state of superiority if he's ignorant. We Are All of the All, if anyone who has the ears to hear they will understand. Someone address this issue for the species. Suboxone scripts are going up up up.

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