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Frustrated and still no diagnosis

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Have you tried any food allergy testing? Celiac could be a possibility. Never give up. It took me 5 years to finally discover that i had a pancreatic cyst. Which then Turned into a very complicated tumor. I had doctor after doctor tell me I was making things up, I was depressed, I was hormonal, I was drinking to much (I drank maybe one beer a month) but they don’t believe you if you tell them you don’t drink (I still get the rolling eyes when I say I don’t drink at all, my husband has had to tell them that I really don’t drink). You have to remember this is a business! Treat it like one. You would never let someone walk over you in business, don’t let the business of medicine walk over you. It’s your LIFE and there are no do-overs. You have to be your own advocate. While some doctors are great and will go above and beyond, you can only imagine what they see and have to deal with on a daily basis. No one goes to see them saying they are great and feel like a million bucks. I wish you a positive resolution to your situation.

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Yes, been tested a few times for Celiac and it came back negative. Wow, sorry to hear your story. If I decide to go to Mayo, I think I’ll chain myself to a chair and tell them I’m not leaving until they have figured out what is wrong with me. Two years is long enough for me. I can’t believe you had to go 5 years. I don’t think I’ll be able to take it that much longer.

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