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Frustrated and still no diagnosis

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Sounds a lot like me. For years I had fatigue, body pain, and several other similar symptoms. I was treated for everything from gout to psoriatic arthritis. my blood work was perfect. then during a CT scan for digestive issues a sharp eyed radiologist noticed some slightly swollen lymph nodes. My GP did all the usual things but my blood work was fine. He dismissed it. Fatigue and pain continued. I occasionally went in for help but to no avail. Antidepressants were prescribed. The Dr. Recommended counseling.Then 3 years later a different MD prescribed a CT. It was read by the same radiologist who referred back to first CT and sternly suggested I be checked for lymphoma and leukemia. I then went to an oncologist who did blood work which of course was perfect. to shorten the drama I requested a biopsy and bone marrow analysis. diagnosis - stage 4 follicular lymphoma. Bottom line is find a Dr. Who will listen and don't let anyone tell you it's in your head. good luck!

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Thanks Garry. So did you also have loss of appetite and weight loss with that? I did have a CT scan and was told it showed nothing. I believe I was also tested for leukemia but would have to double check on that. Everyone has told me my lymph nodes are fine.

Yes I lost 24 pounds. I had a hectic lifestyle in international marketing (constant travel) so its understandable the Dr thought I was exagerating. My main point is that you will need to manage this yourself using the Dr. as advisors. The unusual cases are the ones which often fall between the cracks. Good luck.