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Rib cage tightness: Not sure what it might be

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This is very helpful. Yes I had both the heart and lungs checked out. Now am being tested for MS but I don’t think that is it. I had one doctors say live with it but I can’t anymore I tried it is getting worse. The top of my stomach squeezes and hurts then it shifts onto my ribs. Another doctor told me it was my posture. It’s not at all. I’m in San Antonio and I’m very disappointed with the care. I had a hernia it bright it on the hernia was repaired but this didn’t go away. Thanks again. I’ll keep pushing the doctors.

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Keeping in mind I’m not a medical professional and can’t diagnose, but your symptoms, with your past experience with the hiatal hernia, sounds exactly like my husband’s experience. From his understanding, with talking to his doctors, this is not an uncommon symptom.
My husband’s gastroenterologist and his PCP both recommended what I’d talked about in my previous post. The FDgard, the Zoloft and Buspirone. The muscle spasms have stopped and he no longer lives with this constant gripping, disruptive, nagging pain. From our understanding it’s a serotonin related issue and that’s what the very low doses of the two meds take care of. Taking serotonin supplements is not recommended as a fine balance needs to be kept.

I’m so sorry your doctors aren’t listening to you. You might try the FDgard. This is a safe, over the counter product that’s basically Caraway and Oil of Peppermint in a capsule and that helped initially and for short periods of time when taken regularly. It’s not very expensive and usually at drug stores or amazon has it.

He was reticent to try the anti-anxiety meds because he didn’t feel he has anxiety. His doctors assured him that this wasn’t for anxiety in this case but can help relax those muscles. His entire stomach area was affected ever since he had his ulcer 2 years ago. The ulcer is long gone but those gut tightening symptoms keep on going. Now, after taking the anti-anxiety meds, they have stopped the ‘gut wrenching’ and he’s finally feeling normal again! It really was so disruptive for him and I’m sure it is for you!

I hope you find some relief. Good luck with your tests! Will you let me know what you find out?

Hello @greekcan
I forgot to mention that I was also diagnosed with a hiatal hernia but the tightness started before that. Of course, I don't know how long I had the hernia either! They left it up to me whether I wanted surgery or not, they said it wasn't really necessary. I chose not to have it done because I'd read negative things about the material they use in the repair process -something about how the mesh can grow into the flesh. However, to confuse things more, later when I had a CT Scan, no hernia was visible. Maybe it slides or something, who knows? All they have ever done for me is give me stuff for heartburn although there is more to it than that. Anyway, hope you have found some relief. GDanker

Hello @greekcan
I cannot say that it is painful in the sense that it "hurts" but it is just this unbearable tightness that never goes away. I feel best when I'm laying down on my side. Since, I'm writing all this in one sitting, I realize that I should have included all this in one email. Will conclude for now. Will check back!
P.S. I would like to add that I wear a hernia belt, not for the hernia but it seems to counteract the pressure so it seems more like the tightness is coming from the belt and not my body. Actually I have 3 in different widths which one works better at certain times than others. Do hope to hear more from you.

Hello @greekcan,

As it has been a while since you last posted about the tightness in your rib cage area, and I was wondering how you are doing.

Is the tightness still a problem? Have you found any answers yet?