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Need advice on multiple symptoms (*long post*)

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Thank you for the links. I think these could be helpful with talking to the doctor.

I went in the last time with a list of my symptoms…but I was too scared and embarrassed to actually go through it. I always feel like a hypochondriac or like “well everyone has these kinds of problems, but they just deal with it”.

I’ve been really down…I appreciate all the suggestions and support 👍🏼

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@witsend000 , please don’t feel scared or embarrassed to talk about your health problems—they are REAL! Using the information that @johnbishop gave you, try practicing with your husband. In fact, help your husband to understand what is going on with you. HE can be your #1 advocate in working with the doctors. Also, tell him that you would like him to accompany you on all os your doctor visits. He can reinforce what you say. His presence also says that you are serious and need to be listened to.
All those with autoimmune diseases have felt the same way as you and many have been dismissed by doctors, like you. But, YOU are going to stand tall and get results!
I included a very good article you might find helpful.
When is your next appointment?