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Rib cage tightness: Not sure what it might be

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Your symptoms sound very much like my husband’s situation. Two years ago he developed burning in his stomach and this feeling of tightening or muscle spasms in his stomach/chest area. An endoscopy showed an ulcerated area in his stomach from daily aspirin and evidence of a hiatal hernia.
His stomach has now healed. However the spasms, which felt like a band pulling around his ribs or a gripping feeling in his stomach area, persisted. They were relieved somewhat by taking FDgard. It’s an over the counter med recommended by his gastroenterologist. It’s safe to use as it’s basically oil of peppermint. It seems to be a common med suggested for people with a hiatal hernia.

Because the symptoms didn’t go away completely, his gastro-doctor also prescribed a very low dose of an anti-anxiety med, Zoloft. He’s not prone to anxiety but the med works as a relaxant for those muscles. 100mg of Zoloft brought significant relief. Added to that was 5mg morning and night of Buspirone. That was the winner long term. 100% of his symptoms are gone.
Although his doctors didn’t suspect a heart issue, prior to going on those meds, my husband had a calcium score test run and a physical to rule out any heart issues.
I hope this might help you or give you a direction to follow.
Have you had a physical to rule out any heart/lung involvement?

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This is very helpful. Yes I had both the heart and lungs checked out. Now am being tested for MS but I don’t think that is it. I had one doctors say live with it but I can’t anymore I tried it is getting worse. The top of my stomach squeezes and hurts then it shifts onto my ribs. Another doctor told me it was my posture. It’s not at all. I’m in San Antonio and I’m very disappointed with the care. I had a hernia it bright it on the hernia was repaired but this didn’t go away. Thanks again. I’ll keep pushing the doctors.

me too.....thank you all. particularly lori.

i intend to try every option suggested for her husband except ct scans, etc.
my extreme tightness began three months ago. altho, i'm 81, i am very much alive and mobile.
this ongoing squeeze is exhaustive and only lessens , as one member commented.......lying in bed on your side.
why can we not determine a specific diagnosis and find a remedy.
in this great nation health care research???/
godspeed to all. again, thank you,,,,,,,,the commiseration is SO comforting