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Rib cage tightness: Not sure what it might be

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Hello @greekcan

I am sure that this tightness you are feeling is uncomfortable. I am glad to hear that your physician is in the process of ruling out MS as this type of tightness is a symptom of MS.

I see that your Hiatal hernia was repaired. Was this a surgical procedure? If so, do you recall the name of the procedure? You might consider talking to the surgeon who performed the surgery to see if he/she has any ideas as to what might be causing this type of discomfort.

There is another disorder that can cause this type of pain. It is referred to as Slipping Rib Syndrome (SRS). It is not a common diagnosis and some doctors miss the diagnosis completely. Here is a link to a conversation on Connect about SRS, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/slipping-rib-syndrome/. If you read the posts from other members it will help you understand the type of pain they experience with this problem.

I hope you are able to find answers to this discomfort. Will you post again and let me know how the process is going for you?

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@lasirvent , I have the same condition, but it isn’t neurogenic as far as I’m aware. Six months ago I had a left lower lobectomy to address a small malignant lesion. Stage 1, nodes and margins clean. So “all” I had to do was recover from the surgery.

After six months I am left with persistent left side rib and diaphragm tightness. Deep breaths are painful and difficult.

I also have RA and there is some question as to whether RA is playing a role In the pain.

For reasons unrelated to surgical issues, I went on a course of low dose prednisone. And by day 2, all my rib pain and tightness disappeared - not improved - gone. Sadly, as I stepped down the dosage, the Benefit stepped down as well.

But whatever caused it, it seems to be inflammation. That knowledge is worth something.

I’m not sure that is remotely useful to you but maybe it’s a new discussion with your doc.

We are all unique and have unique drug reactions and side effects. So I caution that my experience is likely not universal, but I felt it worth sharing.