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Thank you so much for your comments. I’m in the process of getting a release for my records. I’m just so worn out because it’s the only thing I can think of and this pain is unbearable. It’s just unthinkable that so many doctors will believe some other doctor they don’t even know instead of the patient sitting in front of them in obvious pain. My insurance is paying them, they act like I’m taking up time they could be using for “important” patients. Unfortunately, what he accused me of was in my urine, and I have no idea how. Morphine showed up. I did not, nor do I know where to get morphine! I may be old, but I’m not stupid. Everybody who walks into a pain clinic has to immediately pee in a cup. How stupid would someone have to be to take something not prescribed. I’ll go to my grave defending myself. To who? I don’t know. Doctors don’t believe me, anyway. It’s not medical malpractice, so an attorney won’t touch it. I just feel so alone.

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Do you have, or can you get a copy of the results of that drug test? I can go on my doctors website through a patient portal and look at lab results, even print them if I want to. I would get a copy of that lab report. Then have another doctor like your primary take a look at it. There is a reason morphine showed up on your test. Find out what would cause this result. Mix up at the lab? Did you eat a poppy seed bagel before your test? Obviously it’s up to you, but there is a reason you have that result. So sorry for you! Are you able to find ways to relax at all?

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