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I know there are several of you who have used Prozac as a bridge when tapering off Effexor, but I would appreciate reading more input/advice. I am starting my taper off Effexor XR 75, and doc want to add 10 mg Prozac. Would you please share your experiences?

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I wish there was a way to consolidate all these different threads on this topic so it’s easier to search through peoples experiences. If someone from Mayo wants to hire me to do this get in touch

I did this last week. I was on 112 Effexor, once I got down to the lowest of 37 my dr put me on 10 mg of prozac. I had already started feeling depressed and not in a good place on such low dose of Effexor, the 4 days I was on Prozac I couldn’t deal and asked to be put back on Effexor

I've posted several times before, in response to the question of getting off Effexor...
I'll be brief.
Primary doctor prescribed Effexor XR, and I was on it for way too long, about 10 - 12 yrs or so.
She never informed me that my blood pressure could be affected, and it sure did. Eventually, I had seriously HBP, but figured it was due to high stress related to my job (high school teacher, and school administration was unbearable with everyone). Had the added stress of having an elderly parent who had to come live with us. Fast forward: I had horrid side effects from the medication. Night terrors, hallucinations, dreadfully draining dreams. Confusion, brain fog, and increased depression. Yes, the very medication that was prescribed for depression was instead making my situation worse. After I discovered via speaking with a few trusted people, I confided in a neurologist. She created a schedule for tapering off the medication. Took months, and throughout she was helpful and kept tabs on my progress (and any problems that came up, like headaches, nausea, anxiety). I finally got to the last dose of the dreaded Effexor, and I can't recall what the quantity was, but it was such a triumph knowing that it would be the LAST. There was no "bridge" antidepressant that went along with the Effexor while tapering off. In my situation, that would have been another hell altogether since I learned in the past that I had serious reactions to Paxil, Serzone, and several other medications. I shudder to think what Prozac would have done. I'm even highly sensitive (with horrible reactions) to many others, including pain medications.

I just don't comprehend the rationale for taking a dose of another drug while tapering off something as strong as Effexor. I am equally baffled by members who have posted that they created their OWN plan for tapering off, and do so with no medical guidance. A few have said that either they (on their own) went back to taking a mid-way dose due to withdrawal symptoms, or their DOCTORS told them to restart the medication....From my experiences, I would not do either. And you cannot just go COLD TURKEY. I'm glad that my neurologist was knowledgeable and so supportive. I have more related episodes that I could share, but I've done so elsewhere within this mayo connect group within the last few months.

My heart goes out to all people who are struggling to take back control of their lives. It was not an easy road. What am I taking for my depression now? Nothing. I won't put myself in the situation again that is created by the grip of those drugs. To me, that is scarier and more challenging than the depression itself. And the clincher: The drugs did NOT ameliorate the depression, only exacerbated it! Thankfully, I do have a few creative outlets. And not all days are as difficult as others. But no more antidepressants for me...