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Hello @suz1950 and welcome to Mayo Connect. I see that you posted on May 28, my apologies for being slow to respond. I can certainly understand your concern, especially given your family history. It is good to know that your arteries are as you say, "…aren't bad (overall risk at 44th percentile) and my cholesterol and triglycerides are excellent." Given that good report, you are wise to look for ways to control stress.

On Connect, we have a discussion group on Aortic aneurysms and exercises which you might find helpful. Here is the link to that discussion, https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/ascending-aortic-aneurysm-and-exercise/. I would like to invite @upartist @hsminc and @mermaid1 to this conversation.

What are you currently doing to reduce stress, @suz1950?

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Good morning Suz1950. It looks like you are receiving good care. That part of the "worry" should be comforting, and is foundation for you to be given control over the behavioral components to your care plan…. namely, stress control, physical activity, and nutrition. A care plan is always a package deal. Stress management always needs a "personal" design, because our daily lives/thoughts are our own. You could look at the modalities of schedule, music, sleep, simple small time-outs with sound elimination while moving or not moving. The choices are numerous in whatever helps you personally to achieve "existing in the moment of relaxation and mindfulness". I hope this helps.
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Thanks for your reply, @hopeful33250 Right now I swim a couple of times a week and exercise using a VR game, Beat Saber. I find these helpful for reducing stress. I also do deep breathing when I feel stress getting the better of me and do reflective writing which seems to help me gain a bigger perspective on things.

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