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GERD. My story

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I have not gone through this but I am so sorry that you are. I think maybe to get an opinion from a good specialitst would be a good idea, to help you through this difficult time Take care Piglit

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Thank you! I have made a few phone calls to other doctors in my state (Texas). Everyone is just amazed at my age. You have GERD from the time you’re born then it goes away around 12 months. Then you have possiblities of getting it later in life (age 40+). So having it so severe in my early 20’s seems just crazy.

I hope that you get the answers that you need to make you feel better. Take Care and let me know how things go. I have a condition called Factor V leiden and know one seems to have the answers for me either as to why I am experiencing ongoing problems with deep vein thrombosis.while taking a blood thinner I feel that it just a matter of getting to the right specialist to help you get on top of the problems that you are having. I have a good dr and a great hematologist to help me. I am sure that you will find a good specialist to help you and that things will look up for you soon. Please keep in touch and let me know how things go for you. Piglit

I definitely think you need to get another opinion and don’t give up. I have personally gone through similar problems with my throat and did go to the mayo clinic. I have always had a very low hoarse voice even as a child. I had what I thought was a swollen gland in my neck that would come and go. Eventually it became larger and I noticed a delay in swallowing, like I had to think about it each time. Mayo did an MRI found a schwannoma tumor on my Vegas nerve. They removed it in 2003 and I had about a year of recovery but now my voice is better although there was damage to the nerve. Don’t delay in seeing other doctors and asking to be referred on to more specialists. I was lucky. If I had waited I may have lost my ability to speak or swallow hard food. Trust your gut and good luck!

Wishing you the best treatment available!