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Hello @yinouye and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. It sounds as if you and your husband have had some real challenges following his endoscopy. From your post, it appears that the radiation reduced the lung nodules. Is this correct?

Given the extensive nature of your husband's problems following the endoscopy and the testing that has been done, have you considered getting a second opinion from a leading cancer center? If you do get a second opinion, I would suggest a multi-disciplined center such as a university medical school or a facility like Mayo Clinic.

If you don't live near a Mayo facility (there are three) you might find it helpful to get a video consult in order to make sure that your husband's current treatment plan is the best for his situation. Here is information on scheduling an appointment at Mayo Clinic http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63.

I hope that you post again with an update about your husband's condition. How often will he be getting the FolfOx6 chemo?

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Thank you for your reply. We did get a second opinion at Cedars Sinai. They agreed with the chemo and recommended the addition of nivolumab, which will happen next cycle. There is a little discrepancy with the timing of the follow up PET-ct scan though. I would love to get an opinion from the oncologists at Mayo Clinic. Thank you for the info.