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Right Cheek Swelling

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Good evening @gnandanpai and thank you @colleenyoung for the introduction. Colleen is correct. I have just completed an online application for Mayo Clinic that was quite successful. Of greatest importance was that it didn't take very long to complete and there were no additional documents required. You have a chance and 300 words to tell the admission folks about yourself, your hopes for help from Mayo, and the last section which is called "Wrap up". There you have 300 words to say anything you want to about your desire to be a Mayo patient.

The lines are not all run together like a paper application. There is plenty of room to write and plenty of time to think. You can read your answer back, edit it and change it. The subject areas are specific and easy to understand.

From the information you submit, an admissions staff member, calls you to review, clarify and discuss your situation. Fortunately, I received my acceptance after the interview and went on to be registered for my first appointment.

I think you will find everyone in every department at Mayo to be helpful, kind, and empathetic.
It appears that you are a great organizer of your health records. Should you be able to be accepted and scheduled right away, the information on your application is sufficient to get the wheels moving.

As Colleen has mentioned, the admission team will make a decision about your starting point based on the information you provide. They are quite good at that and I found that I was in a perfect home for my health needs.

Good luck to you. And please let us know the result.

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I really appreciate your detailed answer @artscaping I filled out the form yesterday. I selected a time slot for them to call for today, but I did not get a call. Does it mean I have been rejected? I put in as much info as possible in the 300-word limit I had and did my best. My doctors in NY (NYU Langone and Mt Sinai) have given up on my case and so Mayo is my only hope!

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