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@tiredmommy, that must be a relief to have made a decision to address anxiety and to work with your doctor on a medication and dosage that works for you. I think fellow long haulers like @ldropps @kirstenk2003 @mamafluh may also have some experience in addressing the mental side effects of COVID big and small.

Here's an article from the American Psychological Association that might interest you.
– Treating patients with long COVID https://www.apa.org/monitor/2021/07/treating-long-covid

Did you decide on a medication?

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I've tried what @sueinmn talks about. Plus I have dogs who help a lot. I'm personally on medication for anxiety and depression which I had prior to Covid. I also see a therapist regularly. I feel like I have some PTSD both from Covid itself, but also from seeing all the doctors. I naturally tend to feel like everything is my fault and when there isn't a clear "this is how to fix this" I worry that I'm making it worse than it is. I also have chronic migraines and congenital heart disease so I see a lot of doctors.

Please know that you aren't alone. I'm here if you ever need to talk to someone. Also, I can say from experience that the folks who staff the mental health hotlines are very good.