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I was doing pretty well with Saline 3%, guifenesin & flutter valve. I caught pseudomonas after being intubated during breast surgery last summer. Levoquin didn't get rid of it and now to make things worse, there is a shortage of saline…I suppose because of the supply chain issue
going on now. I managed to find a box of 0.9% but now I'm producing more mucus, coughing more and my oxygen saturation levels are falling. I also have MAI, Bronchiectasis and numerous lung nodules. Is anyone else having trouble finding the saline?
Please let me know if you are…

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Hi! I just found that my pharmacy will give 1/2 box and give more of my second 1/2 of 3 percent saline later at New Orleans area Walgreens. I was just confirmed with MAI and a New Orleans strain called Neworleansense/ porcinus. Hoping to get info about both on sites. I also have at least one cavitation nodule and bronchiectasis, etc. , scoliosis and other LadyWindermere type structure things too that set me up for this perfect storm! Pulmonary doc made appt with infectious disease doc end June but although a university hospital here sees MAC PATIENTS here the doctor’s nurse was so evasive about him being a MAC specialist on my questioning I don’t think I will persue. Sue, you were so nice to ask me to let you all know if second lab was Mac positive with contamination check and unfortunately it was. One other doc’s nurse was so rude and seemed angry at my questions about the experience with MAC that doctor had I decided to Rule out that doc too. It is a shame. Hoping to try insurance or pay out of pocket for NJH. Wonder how long you needed to be in Co your first visit? Good luck Champagirl! Thanks to all in this forum.