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Right Cheek Swelling

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@colleenyoung thank you for the tip. As I indicated in my previous message, my case is quite complicated and I do not know at this point which specialist/department I should approach at Mayo. I have been to a dentist, oral surgeon, head & neck, PCP, rheumatologist, allergist, dermatologist and ophthalmologist. I have doctor notes, well-maintained symptoms & history diary, CT scan reports, MRI reports and blood & urine work. I would need someone at Mayo to look at my records prior to making a recommendation of which specialist or group of specialists I need to see. How do I go about this?

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Oh gosh, @gnandanpai, I see that I didn't respond to your question. Apologies.

You pose a valid question. If you don't know what department to start with, how do you apply. Luckily, Mayo Clinic will help guide you through the process. @artscaping can tell you about her experience using the online form. The form has 4 section and the first one asks about your main concern. You do not have to designate which department you'd like to be seen by.

If your request just doesn't fit into the boxes of the form well or you don't like forms, feel free to call Mayo Clinic at the location of your choice (AZ, FL or MN). The schedulers will walk you through the process.

Here's the link again to both the online form and contact phone numbers: http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63

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