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Hi @traceyn, you must be very worried about your husband. It sounds like the horrible burning garbage smell is worse that the loss of smell and your husband isn't able to keep anything down. As a result he's lost a lot of weight.

Fellow members @ilovemary4749 @chrissy188 @bettyjackson @strongevergreen @linderr @nlc @luisa22 @gmsouth who have also experienced the loss of taste and smell may have similar experiences or tips to offer. You can read more in this related discussion that @seanc6437 started a while back.
– Lost Smell and Taste after COVID https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/smell-and-taste/

Tracey, have his doctors suggested that he may have to get nutrition intravenously or another alternate method until his sense of taste and smell returns?

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Loss of smell and taste make life more challenging for sure. I try to resurrect memories of how food tasted once upon a time and that actually helps. I have always loved spicy food, even when it made my eyes water. By the way, it still does, even though my taste and smell are diminished. I tested myself with a tiny bit of ghost pepper sauce and I was in full-blown tear mode. By the way, if you try this test yourself, get the authentic stuff from a shop in El Paso or a similar location. The only “cure” as far as I know is a glass of milk or a scoop of vanilla ice cream !

Thank you for the recommendations of who to follow. Hearing what has worked for others that may have it to this extent would be helpful and hopeful. Would a GP be the best dr to go to for nutritional iv rx? The neurologist at the post covid clinic suggested that he hold his nose. That did not go over well. Finding a dr. that believes this is really a problem is a challenge.

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