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My Dad had the Whipple for his NET in October2021. He was doing well, although weight loss of course, then he started getting sick again. In March, he was very very sick, bilirubin backing up and he had a biliary drain put in at MD Anderson. That saved his life. He continues to have drain changes and hopefully will have them out. Putting on weight is a slow struggle also. He eats all he can. It seems this is definitely a slow process. What meds are you on, permanently? Creon? Protonix? Thank you!

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Hello @mydadhadnetpancreatictumorandwhipple and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I am sorry to hear of the problems that your dad has had post-surgery. I have had three surgeries of the upper digestive tract and it is often difficult to get the right amount of nutrition and calories to help you feel at your best.

If you read the post by @elm60, she gives a lot of information about what to eat/drink in order to keep up your weight and feel better. She specifically mentioned small meals and liquid protein drinks like Enterade. Has your dad tried this product?

While I've never used Enterade, a number of people in a NETs support group that I attend have used it and speak highly of its effectiveness. As I recall you have to purchase it online, it is not available in drug stores or other markets.

You mentioned that your dad has a biliary drain. Was this needed because of scar tissue?