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What Willpower?

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A friend asked me some time ago why I thought I was still here.
My answer “you grow up with a bunch of brothers where you fight every day, physically, emotionally, for space, for food, for time, and for everything else you learn to just keep fighting”.
Merry you are an inspiration to all who encounter you. Sometimes putting one foot in front of another is all you have. Sometimes there is so much more. I don’t know how long it will last, but does anybody know?

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Thank you, Chris. I grew up competing with a twin sister. We are not identical, which became more apparent as we grew older. But she jumped into drugs at 15, and I looked elsewhere for competition.

That was quite a question that your friend asked. I'm sure that it was posed during a deep conversation. No one in my family, except my son, has asked me anything like that. Death is such a no-no topic because almost everyone is frightened of something that no one knows about, but everyone does.

But I think that people have innate qualities that drive them. If the term willpower describes it then so be it. I just hope that it lasts a long time!

Thank you for responding to my post.