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Hello Regina – It will be very interesting to hear what the experts at NJH have to say about salt rooms.

It is an interesting concept for sure, but I don't think I would consider it in place of 7% saline nebs for a couple of reasons – first, the unknown quantity of salt actually reaching deep into my lungs, second, the fact that it isn't a daily deal, and third the cost – here it is at least $30 per session. That pays for a whole month of my saline solution.

I haven't been able to find any research studies or papers, either pro or con, and don't know if it is just because the concept is new to the mainstream or what.
Let us know what NJH has to say.

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I will definitely keep the group posted on what I find out.
But….I have not stopped my daily saline nebs….absolutely would not have even considered that. I just added the salt room as an additional ( hopefully) therapy.
The nebs do not help my non-production of sputum…but I still faithfully comply. I have never been able to produce even one sample worth sending to the lab. They discovered my MAC via Bronchoscopy. They will stick me back in the “booth” for more induction attempts on my next visit.
I will write the forum as soon as they give me some opinion.
Stay well.