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I also will ask my doc to call the less acidic brand in for me.
Hey group🙋🏻‍♀️ Has anyone here (besides me) experimented with Halotherapy ( most recognized as Salt room therapy)?
I first tried it in Florida last November…it is…sitting in a (spa like room) with walls of pink salt(Himalayan salt blocks) for approximately 50 minutes, inhaling pharmaceutical grade sodium chloride that has been fed into a gizzmo(I call a Vitamixer) that feeds it through the ventilation system into the room. So basically you are sitting in a plush bean bag…being bathed in salt mist…and inhaling it. It caused me to cough a little at first, but when I left the room(hubby joined me) I could breathe well and felt good. The claims are it is good for allergies/asthma etc…and is a detoxification. I asked my ID doc what he thought of the treatment and he was leery. He said “I don’t think it is a good idea…you could contaminate yourself…honestly…when I walk in the neighborhood and inhale car exhaust, mowing & blowing debris, and common air pollution…am I not subject to contamination? I head to NJH in a couple weeks and will ask the rockstar team of docs. I am taking all the information I have on this therapy. I found that it claims to be used for Cystic Fibrosis. Also here in Charlotte NC…an oncologist/hematologist was sending children from Levine Hospital (good pediatric hospital here) for respiratory care to these salt rooms(cannot be too bad I guess) short of it…I have gone 2 times a month for the past 2 months.,,risking contamination I guess. Would like the groups opinion on this.

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@cmi Regina, I've done a salt room before. I think it did it for a few months (it didn't cause any problems and I didn't get contaminated) but it was a 30 minute drive for me every time I went and I work 6 days a weeks so I stopped going. If it was here in the town I live in I would probably still go. There is a story in history (and I can't remember the details) that somewhere in Europe I believe that these men that worked in salt mines resolved their lung issues because of breathing in the salt air everyday. It kinda makes sense, though, because there is that old saying that salt heals everything so I wouldn't be surprised. And we're nebulizing with our 7% salt solution so there you have it! It certainly has kept the bugs away for me. (knock on wood) Nan

Hello Regina – It will be very interesting to hear what the experts at NJH have to say about salt rooms.

It is an interesting concept for sure, but I don't think I would consider it in place of 7% saline nebs for a couple of reasons – first, the unknown quantity of salt actually reaching deep into my lungs, second, the fact that it isn't a daily deal, and third the cost – here it is at least $30 per session. That pays for a whole month of my saline solution.

I haven't been able to find any research studies or papers, either pro or con, and don't know if it is just because the concept is new to the mainstream or what.
Let us know what NJH has to say.