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No recommendations. I have had pain return in my neck, shoulders and between shoulder blades after reducing from 15mg to 12.5, then upped it to 13.75 and now back to 15 mg. Jaws started raging after supper the other night. Went into ER the next morning as the jaws were still bad. Then that stopped (so far), but the neck and shoulders this morning are not good. Neurologist recommended staying at 15 mg to see if I "level off" and then will decrease by 1 mg. in another week. Quite the rocky road by times, but nothing compared to the pre-diagnosis pain. Good news is I finally have a Rheumatology Clinic appointment for May 30, also an actual Rheumatologist. The "urgent" referral has been since Jan. 5/22. Canadian medical system may be free, but it's not the best.

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So glad to know you are finally getting to see a rheumatologist. I'm sure that will be helpful to you. My PMR is currently in remission. The rheumatologist advised me to avoid strenuous exercise, especially stair climbing. That is not possible since I live in a house with four floors. I still have some residual pain and stiffness in my shoulders, buttocks, and thighs, but off of prednisone and over all good for a seventy-six year old person. I can relate to the jaw pain. When my PMR was active, there were times when I could not open my mouth to eat; it was too painful. I wish you good luck at your appointment with the rheumatologist and I hope you will update your treatment and progress.

May I recommend a really good site regarding PMR? You will find several different plans for tapering gradually. Look under 'Pinned Posts" and FAQ's. Then go to "Tapering Plans".
You will probably have to set up a bit of an account, but the information is well worth it.