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@patrickf1, welcome. Fellow members @mindyt @mari @squaredancer @eva75 and @zenk have talked about their experiences with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) and may have more to share with you. I've also added your discussion to the Cancer: Managing Symptoms group.

Patrick, is there any explanation why the wound returned more than a year later? Is there a way to avoid re-injury once the wound heals again? How many HBO treatments have you had so far? Is it helping?

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Coleen, sorry that I did not see your note. The CEO , Joseph Sardano, of Sensus Healthcare tells me that my response to the radiation is “one in a million” I don’t believe him. I think he knows more and doesn’t disclose to patients.

I finished HBOT in July. It dramatically eased the pain and the wound from the radiation finally closed in November I had forty two hour treatments.. I am doing better now.

There is an effect from radiation called late radiation therapy injury. The good cells have been damaged by radiation and can cause open wounds years after treatment. Hopefully, after HBOT the wound will not reopen.

I hope anybody who has had SRT will be in touch with me.

Thank you for your interest in this subject.