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What kind of medications was she on? What kind of medications is she on now? If the seizures and psychosis began 'after' a medication change ...? What was she being treated for at the beginning? Does she have any allergies? Sorry to ask so many questions.

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She's been on alot of meds both for seizures and psychosis. Lamictal, Keppra, Phenobarbital, Dilantin, Ativan, haldol, thorazine, seroquel, depakote,. She is on Dilantin & Ativan now. The psychosis came after the seizure and medication change. I blame it on the keppra(psychosis)
No allergies that we know of. Thanks for the questions.....EVERY professional that has seen her is quite puzzled at all that has happened, Everything was soooo sudden!!!!! They are trying to rule out everything known. She is home now, out of the mental facility.Thank goodness because they were not helping her.

Ok. But what was her original diagnosis prior to the seizure? And what medications was she on prior to the seizure?

Prior to seizures she was healthy. No medical or mental issues, no medication.
An occasional excedrin or motrin for headaches. Which she usual has but not diagnosed with migraines.

Ok. Healthy teenager. No illnesses, no meds. Then, she had a seizure and placed on anti-seizure meds. Dilantin? Keppra? How long did the seizure last? How long was she in a post-ictal state? (Meaning, how long did it take her to recover from the seizure?) How much longer after she went on anti-seizure meds did she enter psychosis. Is she still in a psychotic state? Active hallucinations and delusions? Also, is there any history of drug use? And, is there any history of mental illness in either side of her family? I friend requested you so as not to have to ask you these questions on a public thread. But if you are confortable answering them in a public thread, that is ok with me.