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Basal Cell Carcinoma on Leg

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Thank you for replying, Ginger. We are going to Florida! It is a dream of mine to go with the kids and grandkids – I’m so excited. These diagnoses kicked me in the gut a bit, finding out pretty much right before we go but I know I’ll still have fun. Just trying to balance comfort with safety in the heat and humidity there. You say careful to wash your hands and face at night – can you expound upon that, please? Is it due to chemical sunscreen concerns or something else?

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@cmcp What a nice dream to have, and to get to see it happen, you sound pretty "over the moon" about it. Being smart and sensible as we live each day with regards to sun exposure, well, it takes a bit of thinking and work, and after a while it seems we get used to it. For myself, a bit of discomfort is worth the rewards of getting to do something I have been looking forward to!

My skin is pretty sensitive, being a redhead, and there are many lotions/creams that clash with me. For decades I have only used liquid castile soap as a facial cleanser, plus a quality moisturizer containing a sunscreen. At night I might use a lightweight moisturizer, it depends. What has worked for me might not be a solution for others. It's important to give my skin a rest from chemicals. I also do crafts, so I don't want any transference of oil/greasy stuff to them!

You'll have fun! Take pictures, make memories! Enjoy!

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