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Has anyone tried reflexology for their neuropathy?

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I have diabetic neuropathy that is beginning to affect my ability to walk, sleep, etc. I'm only 52 so I am trying get my arms (or legs 😀) around this before it's too late. Has anyone tried reflexology (foot message)? I had my first 45 minute session last week and SEEMED to get some relief the following day. My understanding is this therapy may, over time, open up the lymph system and increase blood flow.

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A few months ago for vascular neuropathy, I had outpatient physical therapist who was doing some sort of (painful) massage to stimulate and open the blood vessels. I forget what he called it, unfortunately. For one maneuver, he applied physical pressure on both sides of my wrists, pulling the muscles around them apart to increase blood flow down the middle. He had similar techniques on the feet, but it was less easy to see. It's unscientific, but I found my healing improved. Who knows how much of that had to do with to the physical therapy. Later on I tried to get him back, but insurance would no longer cover the treatment. I've since been trying the same technique on my feet, but, I'm less keen on causing myself that much discomfort.

Anyway, his technique doesn't look at all like the Reflexology websites I see. What I see looks harmless. I think any stimulation you provide is likely to help somewhat, even if it's just a placebo effect. I found just massaging my own feet to provide comfort and to reduce some of the nephropathy. This has become a bit of a bedtime ritual, along with some callisthenics.

@wake and @clcaev, I moved your questions about reflexology and neuropathy to this existing discussion where @maria7521 asked the exact same question:
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Wake, sometimes things that "seem" to help can give hope. Do you plan to go back for more sessions?

Hi @wake and @clcaev, I haven't tried reflexology but @artscaping has experience with Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) and may be able to share how it's helped her. Here is some information on reflexology for neuropathy that might be helpful.

Foundation for Peripheral Neuropathy – Massage for Neuropathy

Reflexology in the management of chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy: A pilot randomized controlled trial