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Hi @almi319 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I can definitely relate to having a family member with a diagnosis that you feel is not being properly treated and feeling helpless to do anything about it. A family member of mine had a similar issue where the police were called and our family asked that they be involuntarily baker acted so that they can get they help they need.
I can tell you that 20 years on those medications can most certainly change the person's body chemistry.

Have you asked them if they are willing to check in to a facility to help with their symptoms?

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They were willing the night we were at the hospital, but the hospital did not avail themselves. They are certainly willing to get help, and is cooperative with medications and appointments etc. I even called Mayo Clinic who told me it would be 3 months minimum before would be able to be seen and of course their insurance was not accepted. A large sum of money was required as a retainer. So, as I said, it has been quite a challenge to find help in the midst of a crisis. We are still connected to current doctors, but getting a second opinion or other help has been a challenge.

Be careful of costs. A friend of mine was in a facility for three days cost over 14,000.00 dollars and they just put her in more meds. Be careful not judging.