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I mix in half kefir and half milk to where it looks a little soupy. Then add whatever you like. I add a handful of walnuts for texture. I freeze blueberries whole when they are in season then use a handful of those. I use berry flavored kefir to pump up the flavor.
My husband uses pecans and raisins and a bit of real maple syrup. He also microwaves his to a warm temp in the morning, I eat mine cold. This has made a tremendous difference for us in feeling better and avoiding the build up and then very painful emptying.
I still drink miralax at half dose every single night as an added precaution.
When is your next treatment?

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Thanks for your update. I didn’t know what flavor to buy for the Kefir so I bought plain. Oh well. Once I add the oats, blueberries, touch of honey, almonds and milk, it should be good. Also picked up some flaxseed, date bites, diced pears, Colace too. I also bought Fig Newtons but I forgot prunes. I plan on putting it all together tonite and eat it in the morning and I will let you know! Thank you ☺️ My next treatment is next Tuesday.

I just had 1/2 of the oatmeal mixture that I made last nite. It sure was a lot to eat. Hopefully it will stay tasty to finish later! Very filling and tasty 😋 I don’t have a lot of appetite this morning and I feel like I am coming down with a head cold 😢 Thank you 😊 ( I hope I can go 💩)