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Welcome, @segerfan, I can imagine you're scared. Any test coming back abnormal sets off alarm bells. And you've been under such stress lately. So sorry for the loss of your dear grandchild.

Other members like @denise777 @sallyg @revcindy and others here know exactly what it's like to see rising CEA levels before they get the full picture. It's really hard not to worry.

I want you to know that CEA testing is notorious for false positives, meaning that the test results may show high levels when they are actually not.

Here's more info:
– High False-Positive Rate of Elevated CEA Seen in Patients With Resected Colorectal Cancer https://www.ascopost.com/issues/august-15-2014/high-false-positive-rate-of-elevated-cea-seen-in-patients-with-resected-colorectal-cancer/

I know it's really hard not to be anxious, but as they say "don't put the cart before the horse." The CEA levels are a simple test that may indicate the need for further testing to investigate IF there is a change.

Has further testing been ordered or a second CEA test? When will you be able to have an appointment to talk with your oncologist about next steps?

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They are scheduling a CT scan in the next couple days. So hopefully that will give some answers. Doctor knows just how much stress I am under. But getting this info today just added more to my stress level.