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IVIG Infusions

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Hi @janstar61 I faced a similar situation with needing ongoing medical infusions, but we planned on being in Florida for a few months. It was really easy for me to get the treatment I needed at the infusion center of a hospital nearby.

I called ahead to that hospital after finding online that they had an infusion center. After speaking with the nurse about what I needed, she told me that all they needed was a prescription for the infusion faxed to the number she gave me. When that order came to her department, she called me and we set up weekly appointments for my medication. I also had to check with my Medicare supplemental insurance company to have this okayed as it was out of network. But it was no problem and it was cleared. When I arrived at the clinic I did have to register with the intake desk, resenting my Medicare and supplementary insurance cards.

So, my suggestion is to research the city where you’re staying for a clinic or hospital, and give them a call to see what their procedure is to get appointments. I think you’ll find that in a high tourist area in the south, since they’re geared up for Snow Birds, there are a lot of accommodating services.
Where do you escape to in the winter?

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Sometime AZ and sometimes FL. I was just concerned I was going to need to get another neurologist in that area to go thru all the paperwork again. I am assuming once you are written and approved for IVIG it is just like any other prescription? It can be either called in or faxed over state lines? It's just a matter of finding someone to administer it. Would it be possible to have it given to you by a nurse at your home?