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I had my mastectomy in Dec for triple neg cancer stg 3
At age 70 here in Alberta I was advised by oncologist to avoid chemo as what is used for this type is too harsh on oldies like me. So I go forward without further treatment and just watch for indicators of possible recurrence.
I am ok with my decision.
Good wishes of health I send to all of you!

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Please ask your oncologist about the Gemzar/Carboplatin chemo treatment. You aren’t too old for chemo ( I will be 69 in 3 months) I have too much to live for and I won’t give up!

I am nearly 68, but had previous Hodgkins lymphoma at age 35, with radiation and chemo. So I am not able to have radiation again. My body has been declining much more quickly than my 67 year age implies (at least some of my health issues are definitely due to the treatments 30+ years ago).

I'm encouraged to hear what your oncologist recommended. I wish there was some data that could tell me it is worth the mastectomy alone (which is also not easy - but easier on the body than the chemo for TNBC). Without your info, I was feeling pretty lost - that choosing that path might really be just wishful thinking. But if it is recommended by Alberta's medical community for those who are older, that means there must be some real benefit.

Being ok with a decision is incredibly important when on a journey as unsettling and uncertain as this one. I'm glad you are there. Hopefully this will help me get there, too.

Thank you so much for sharing your path. Good wishes for continued peace of mind and health to you, too!