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I have a friend who just underwent treatment with carboplatin, and she did lose a lot of her hair, but not all. I was happy to see that she retained her eyelashes, and eyebrows. She did pull the remaining hair that was dead on her head to prevent it from just being everywhere as it fell out. (It does not hurt, you cannot feel it)
Her main complaint was not nausea but the unpleasant taste and smell. This is really common with chemotherapy. The doctors controlled her nausea quite well with odansetron and compazine.
The smell and taste associated with many chemotherapy drugs is a challenge. I found that aveeno unscented is the only truly unscented body wash I can find. Daily showering with it didn’t dry out my skin and kept the smell at bay. Everything tasted like it and I never found anything that changed that, but it doesn’t last the entire cycle.
I know you are full of anxiety right now, because I have been where you are. Not TNBC, but relapse. Are you doing anything to try and enjoy the time before treatment? I find that eating things I love during this time, helps me to set them aside during treatments. Also I seem to enjoy the outdoors more, how about you?
How are you feeling after getting your port?

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Thanks for all of thoughts and good wishes. I attended a virtual Respite Retreat today and I really needed that. I highly recommend it. I will check out the Unscented Aveeno body wash. The hospital messed up my port placement yesterday so it will be placed on Monday and my chemo will start on Tuesday. 😢 and I had to have another PCR COVID test in order to go back into the hospital on Monday 😢🙏🏼