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Basal Cell Carcinoma on Leg

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@jnb Ah, flourouracil! I have used it, also! I am subject to skin cancers, and have have basal cell, squamous, amelanotic [uncolored] melanoma, and nodular basal cell.

The first time I used flourouracil, my face broke out like you are describing. remember, it takes a very little of this cream to use. Fortunately I was able to get in to see the PA at my dermatologist's office. The reaction you are seeing is the medication working on an area that needs to be addressed. More than likely you will experience these symptoms for the first few weeks, then they will simmer down and go away.

As far as where to apply it, that is your doctor's decision. What did they say on the label? When my face broke out, it was explained that even if I applied it only to areas of question that I could see, there would be a response from any place on my face that needed the medication.

I hope this relieves some of the anxiety you might be feeling?

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Thanks for sharing your experience with this drug.
The label says “Do not apply to good skin.”
It’s helpful to know that you saw a response beyond the area you originally treated. The label and the inserted drug facts that came with the tube do not mention that.
This drug is not for the weak. It takes fortitude to apply a substance that is going to make you worse before you get better!

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