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Living with a trach (tracheostomy), need advice.

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Welcome, @genevievee. I think @jeffk @deborahe @evamarie0077 and @thomason may have some tips for you about doing common activities like Zoom calls, conversations with strangers, exercise etc. with a tracheostomy.

While we wait for others to join in, Genevieve, can you tell me a bit more about you? What led to your needing a tracheostomy? How long have you had it?

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Since I first posted this question, I have set a date for getting a trach - next Wednesday. Thanks, @colleenyoung, for your queries. I have been living around thyroid cancer for 17 years now. I had a temporary trach in 2005, for about six weeks after a tracheal resection, and have had a dread of it ever since. However, my wonderful doctors are alarmed by the narrow aperture they see when they scope me, between the one long-frozen vocal cord and the one that works. I have some symptoms of low oxygen intake, even though I am pretty active for a 72-year old grandmother. Getting a tracheostomy now is a measure to prevent prevent breathing emergencies. I hope to keep on being able to ride my e-bike, take walks, and help my daughter in her garden. Thank you, @jeffk and @thomason and others for sharing your experiences.